Our Company

We at Cavamo love horses and all activities related to them. We wish to improve the harmony between horse and rider as animal wellbeing is the foundation for symbiotic and productive equestrian ownership. Cavamo was born from a collaboration of cutting-edge design, engineering and equine science. These together form the core passions of our company.

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We love to spend time with our majestic four-legged friends while training and competing ambitiously. As a tech start-up we believe that being involved with the equestrian industry on all fronts is not only important, but also fun. We are constantly taking part in educational activities, such as saddle fitting lectures, as well as gripping our seats at major competition venues.


We value the scientific community and support the development of equine science in every way we can. We are currently involved with several equine stress studies and occasionally present inspiring work at scientific conferences.


Cavamo is at the forefront of developing live video focused edge computing solutions for the equestrian world and the possibilities that this opens, excites and inspires us on a daily basis. 


Esmeralda Tuomi Founder & CEO

The founder and visionary behind Cavamo started her equestrian career in 1996. She has competed at a national level in show jumping in Finland and later training for the national team in 2007. She has a vast experience in a multitude of equine disciplines and an MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design, specialising in design, engineering and technology from Royal College of Art, Imperial College, Keio University and Pratt Institute. She has a deep interest in a multitude of equestrian disciplines, including a wide variety of methodologies spanning all aspects of training. During her free time Esmeralda enjoys spending time training with 5-year-old Kadar.