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Cavamo Device

The Cavamo stress sensor records movement in the horse’s eye to give you an instant analysis of our horse’s stress level as you train.


The device doesn’t disturb the horse during its exercise and attaches to any bridle.


The rider can accurately understand deviation in stress throughout its training session in real-time via the indicators on the back of the sensor.

Equine Stress

Stress is a serious issue for horses.


Not only can a stressed horse lead to severe medical conditions (ulcers, colic, laminitis, etc.) but it can also inhibit the mental health of a horse to the point where their performance and wellbeing is decreased.

Even experienced equestrians can find it difficult to identify subtle changes in a horse’s stress levels.  Anticipating your horse’s stress patterns and mood changes will provide the information you need to develop highly personalised training plans and increase partnership between you and your horse.


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